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Type Approval is a vehicle converters ability to consistently turn out the same product to the same standard with Control Plans in place.

The top three factors of Type Approval are: - Environmental, Safety and Quality Control Standards.

Quality Control is otherwise known as Conformity of Production (CoP) and in our experience, this is very often overlooked by a lot of Fleet Managers today.

Clarks vehicle Conversions have achieved National Small Series Type Approval (NSSTA) which includes CoP as recognised by the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) for all their vehicle conversions, across many base vehicle manufacturers.

Key to CoP is traceability and being able to demonstrate with documented evidence that you have the ability to produce a series of products that all meet an identical specification. Clarks has achieved the standards for ISO9001 as certified by the TUV, which enables Clarks to easily achieve CoP and consistently produce vehicle conversions to the required high standards set out by the EU Framework Directive 2007/46 EC.

VCA also look for you to be able to prove that you have a good working relationship with any vehicle manufacturers, demonstrating and displaying a free flow of information between you both.

So, in summary to achieve a recognised Type Approval Status for a vehicle converter, you need to have in place: - Control Plans, ISO Standard certification, High quality working processes and practices and a documented relationship with all manufacturers you work with.

“We always ensure our last van is the same as our first van, can you say the same about your converter?”


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