Crew Carriers x2!

Increased capacity and safety

Here at Clarks we offer two styles of Crew Carrier, each with their own distinct advantages. Both Clarks Crew Carrier Conversion offer extra seating to safely transport your workforce whilst retaining a generous load area for your materials and tools. However our all new 9 Seat Seat Crew Carrier offers extra versatility and payload due to patent pending technology.

9 Seat Crew Carrier

Bespoke Design

We pride ourself on using highly robust materials and manufacturing techniques, ensuring that all our conversions are fit for purpose and able to withstand day-to-day ware and tear. Our all new 9 Seat Crew Carrier is no exception, being a European small series Type approved and M1 category conversion, you can rest assured that your transient workforce is in a safe and robust environment.

Clarks M1 Seat

• M1 Approved

• Patent Pending

• Motorsport Tech

• USB Charging Points

• Customisable 


• Various Layouts

• Increased Payload

• Fit For Purpose

• Durable

• Adaptable

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