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In our endless endeavour to offer a service that is second to none, we continually listen to our customers and innovate to their needs. As such, we are pleased to announce that we are releasing an ongoing series of “Handover” videos in response to the most common questions/enquiries received by our after-sales/warranty team. Most of these questions are very rarely faults but in fact safety features or power conservation protocols that simply need to be adhered to.

For example:
Did you know that the handbrake must be applied before operating the microwave?
Or that the water boiler cannot be activated at the same time as the microwave?

The aim of these internally produced videos are to help the end user to troubleshoot more efficiently, without the need to contact the Clarks after-sales team - which only operates within office hours. This results in saving the end user time and your company money, by getting them moving again, ASAP.

We have put the "Control Panel" video as an example at the bottom of this article. However, all of our videos are published on our youtube channel here and on our website. New content is added regularly so keep checking back, or subscribe for ease.

These videos are being released along side our paper based “Operational-Guide” that will also be provided within each of our conversions. Offering further, more in-depth, user-guides.

You really do get more, with a Clarks Conversion.


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