Not so long ago, we posted about our management team embarking on their latest training journey with “DMM Training & Development” and their “The 5 Behaviours of a cohesive team” course, which covers areas such as:

  • Accountability 
  • Communication
  • Co-operation
  • Opportunity
  • Team Dynamics

We are proud to announce that our management team have all now completed their training. Already we are seeing the difference in each of the areas (bullet pointed above) which is not only benefiting each individuals development within Clarks but also our clients projects and their peace of mind.

We would like to thank all team members that took part. We were incredibly impressed (but not surprised) by your commitment and enthusiasm throughout the whole process and your positive feedback on completions. 

Congratulations to all involved, you deserve those certificates. 
We can’t wait to invest more in your development and future here at Clarks. 

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