Investment in Management


Here at Clarks we are fortunate to have an excellent management team. A management team that is capable, enthusiastic, driven and most importantly, one that does not rest on its Laurels. It’s due to this passion that they are continuously looking for new ways to develop their skills and in turn aid the development of Clarks Vehicle Conversions as a whole. 

As such, they have embarked on their latest training journey with “DMM Training & Development” and their “The 5 Behaviours of a cohesive team” course, which covers areas such as:

• Accountability 
• Communication
• Co-operation
• Opportunity
• Team Dynamics

The course focuses on the fundamentals and is already proving invaluable. The sessions are both challenging and enlightening while reenforcing the managements teams confidence in their own abilities.

Keep up the great work Guys!

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