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If there is one thing that we like to do here at Clarks Vehicle Conversions, it’s invest. Whether in employment, team member development or hardware, we know it has the necessary impact. 

Our latest investment is in 2 sets of cable-free mobile column hydraulic lifts from TotalKare, the UK’s number one provider of heavy-duty vehicle lifting solutions.

Previously, vehicles were worked on primarily on the floor but with components being added, such as tow bars and axle weighing systems, it made more sense to lift the vehicles to fit these items. Lifting the vehicles also provides a safer and easier option for the fitters without the need to be working underneath vehicles whilst on the ground.

The lifts have been a great success and have allowed Clarks to push continually its already high standards of work by improving production operations. At the same time, the flexibility of the new lifts with their adjustable forks allows work to be carried out on every model of van that comes into the Clarks workshop.

“Due to the bespoke nature of the work we carry out we operate out of bays rather than a production line. Using mobile column lifts, especially the cable-free option we opted for, allows us to move the lifts around the bays when they are required rather than having to move vehicles to a fixed position lift.” - Simon Welbourn, Head of Sales.

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