Fuel Cell First for Clarks Conversion

A state-of-the-art van from Clarks Vehicle Conversions has been well received by customer, MacRail, who were quick to showcase their new van at RailLive 2014 in June.

The command and control vehicle was designed for MacRail to provide site access control and reporting on railway track renewal operations and civil engineering works.

This bespoke conversion required a lot of electrical equipment on-board and so for the first time ever Clarks added a fuel cell to the van to provide charge for two auxiliary batteries.

The Peugeot Boxer features an exterior matrix sign, a PA speaker on the roof, a satellite for 24 hour Internet access and an on-board PC with a swivel LCD screen.

This equipment allows MacRail to provide site visitors with up-to-the-minute information and safety briefings before they can access the site.

The fuel cell is powered by liquefied petroleum gas so it doesn’t require the vehicle engine to be switched on making it a quieter and greener source of power.

The cell which acts like a mini-generator maintains charge on two standard auxiliary batteries which provide power to the technology on-board and the messing facilities.

Features like the toilet, heating, hot water boiler and microwave were all essential items on the MacRail checklist when their Managing Director met with Clarks to commission this vehicle conversion.

MacRail employees will spend a lot of time on-board the command and control vehicle so it had to be a warm, safe and comfortable space to work-in for long hours.

The interior of the van is designed to be a mobile workspace with a desk, interior lighting and crucially a top-of-the-range chair which was the envy of the Clarks’ office before it left for MacRail.

The vehicle was well received by visitors to RailLive in June where Ian McFetridge, MD of MacRail, presented the van alongside Clark’s own Simon Welbourn, who led the project.

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