191-Point Quality Control Check

January 10, 2024

In the world of Welfare vehicle conversions, Clarks stands at the forefront - dedicated to safety, reliability, and excellence. The heartbeat of our commitment to quality is our 191-Point Quality Control Check and the assurance it provides to the companies and individuals who rely on our converted vehicles every day.


The (almost) 40 year evolution from a simple inspection to our sophisticated 191-Point Quality Control Check mirrors the growth of the vehicle conversion industry and Clarks as a whole. As demand increased, and Clarks developed as a company, we recognised the need for a comprehensive approach. Today, this exhaustive examination, carried out by a dedicated and knowledgeable QC team, ensures that our converted vehicles surpass regulatory standards and the expectations of our discerning customers.


Of course, providing our full check list wouldn't be the most riveting read, however you can see from the abridged sample below that we don't rest on our laurels. This is not purely a cosmetic process but goes deep into the vehicle itself. 


  • All electrical items working correctly
  • Seatbelts working correctly
  • Tow bar/ball bolts are torqued to manufacturers instructions.


  • Grab handles are secure and damage free
  • Fuel and brake pipes are damage free and secure.
  • Interior cables “P” clipped and secure.


  • Sharp edges removed from aluminium angles, plates & brackets. 
  • Inner wheel arch bolts are wax-oiled.
  • Rear door area is free of paint damage

Fire Prevention:

  • 50mm Exhaust pipe clearance in all directions
  • Heater inlet free of blockages
  • No fuel leaks


Once all checks have been confirmed and the vehicle has “passed” its inspection, our QC team proudly apply the Clarks “plaque” to the rear of the vehicle as a sign of completion and a badge of honour.


Converted vehicles are made of many parts from multiple suppliers, so there can, on occasion, be an opportunity for something to be amiss. That’s right, we even check equipment that has been supplied by others (that has already been through their own QC). We’re nothing if not thorough! 

If something is found, that isn't a simple fix that can be carried out by QC, the vehicle will be sent back to its original build bay where the issue will be scrutinised, rectified and the whole vehicle will be sent back through the full 191 check again.

However the process doesn't end there - a thorough investigation into why the issue occurred is then undertaken and the results published on our industry leading internal productivity platform. The build sequence guides (which are accessible to all staff via mobile devices i.e. tablets) will also be updated to reflect the impact and changes to future build processes.


Implementing a 191-Point Quality Control Check demands substantial investment, but the benefits are manifold. This commitment ensures that our vehicles not only meet regulatory standards but represent the pinnacle of quality in the industry. It safeguards Clarks' reputation, minimises post-conversion issues, and positions us as leaders in our field.


For our valued customers, the 191-Point Quality Control Check is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication Clarks teams’ bring to each conversion. Choosing a Clarks converted vehicle is a decision influenced by unique needs, and our customers can trust that their vehicle has undergone a thorough evaluation. It goes beyond compliance; it reflects our commitment to crafting confidence and reliability for those who rely on our conversions.


Looking ahead, Clarks anticipates further advancements in quality control practices. As technology evolves, we plan to integrate cutting-edge solutions to enhance the safety, functionality, and sustainability of our conversions. Close collaborations with product and vehicle manufacturers (as well as regulatory bodies) will shape standards, ensuring our conversions continue to exceed expectations.


In the ever-evolving landscape of UK vehicle conversions, our 191-Point quality control check stands as a symbol of our unwavering commitment to crafting confidence and reliability. Our exhaustive inspection process is not just about meeting standards; it's about exceeding them and ensuring that every welfare vehicle we convert becomes a beacon of quality.

As our industry evolves, Clarks will embrace new technologies, collaborate with experts, and remain dedicated to delivering welfare vehicles that make a positive impact. The 191-Point quality control check is not merely a part of our process; it's a testament to our mission – to craft welfare vehicles that truly make a difference.

We're committed to building quality conversions and no vehicle leaves our Central Conversion Centre until we can guarantee it meets our high standards.