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It's what you do with it.

Clarks Racking Solutions can be applied to any size of vehicle. Helping it, and your workforce, reach their full potential - regardless of budget. It’s not the size that matters... It's what you do with it that counts!


If your conversion requires shelving only ”without the frills”, our Entry level racking is the ideal solution.

Built with the same quality materials and expertise you’ll receive throughout all our racking ranges, you can guarantee this robust shelving will serve you well throughout its life.


Our Standard racking solution expands your conversion possibilities from just shelving, to comprehensive storage.

Robust drawers, cupboards and removable storage containers can all be added to provide the safe stowage of tools and equipment.


It’s the final touches that makes our premium range work for you.

The addition of removable service cases, in-vehicle workbench and workshop tools gives your workforce everything they need to be more effective whilst on site.

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